MOVE organizers, interns, and volunteers do all kinds of things to create a more hands-on democracy. Especially these things:

Voter Engagement

We’re bringing sweet, sweet democracy to the masses. Our army of volunteers (and the occasional vote-bot) are out registering voters, turning out voters to the polls, and helping young people gain a collective political voice across the state. Whether it’s a hosting a Saturday Night Live themed candidate forum, speaking to students in their classroom about the importance of voting, or registering voters at your favorite local bar, we’re out there making sure everyone has the opportunity to make their voice heard.

Building Leaders

MOVE runs a year-round and hands-on leadership development program. It’s like a boot camp for grassroots politics minus the boot and the camp part. Each of the three sessions throughout the year (spring, summer, and fall) teach young people how to be a citizen lobbyist, how to run a field campaign, and how to engage their peers in the democratic process.

Voter Education 

Our mail program uses our voter registration and pledge to vote universe to send educational pieces so voters can not only be registered, but actually follow through with an informed ballot. In 2020, we sent 200K voters information about what is on their ballot. We also set 100k voter survival guides for commonly asked questions and confusions when it comes to voting. This initiative included an online version along with a MOVE Election Center site with BallotReady embed to find your ballot and polling location.  We also work to demystify the biennial Texas Legislative Session to educate young people with the information they need to be active citizens and registering voters for municipal elections across Texas.